An EIFS job done properly will cost you between $30-45 a square yard. Any less and you’re compromising the functionality of your wall. EIFS is an intricate wall system, one that you definitely don’t want to skimp on, considering it covers the most expensive and valuable investment of your life.

Note: If you’re considering a non-EIFS system, that meaning traditional 3-coat stucco over lath without the use of foam insulation, current market rate is about $25.00 per square yard. This is assuming the state of your walls are in average condition. Extra costs can come into play if repairs need to be done to damaged areas before applying the base coat.

The actual cost of your complete home re-stucco is determined by each situation. The price can vary by many factors including; thickness, texture, height of job, size of job, proximity to our warehouse, application and scaffolding required. For a more exact price, please contact us for a free estimate.